Pronovias PoS

Skills: Apps, UI, UX
Client: Pronovias

Point of sale Tablet App to pre-order and customize wedding dresses with complements and accessories.

Sample Screens:

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_05

Home Page client’s page.

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_06

Dress selection’s page.

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_08

Product’s page.

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_09

Try on dress picture for the client, it will be sent with the quote of the dress through mail.

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_15

Complements category’s selection page.

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_17

Search between the catalogue products.

Pronovias_App V. 1.0_def_Page_21

Quote summary page.